Just Perfect Pieces - Furniture, Homewares, gifts That perfect piece! Have you got yours yet? Your style, Your home, Our pieces Services: Just Perfect Pieces is much more than just your ‘ordinary’ shop, it has many inclusive services which other shops might not have. The services we provide are:    LAYBY        FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS                                                  PRODUCT SOURCING VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE                                                                        Lay-by:                          Our lay-bys at Just Perfect Pieces are for three months. It does require a 20% deposit on the first time you lay-by that product, but after that you can take your time paying off your perfect gift!  Back > Flower Arrangements: Think you're having a bad day? Can't decide which flowers look best in a vase or combination? Leave it up to the trusting hands at Just Perfect Pieces, who will make an arrangement in the vase for you. But wait, there’s more - If you have a vase at home which is looking a bit empty? Needs a bit of colour, Just Perfect Pieces will allow you to bring your vase in and we will make an arrangement out of either flowers you choose, or you can leave it totally up to us. Hardly any effort from you is required, and at the end, you end up with a beautiful flower arrangement. We will give you a courtesy call when done and when you arrive we will have full prices on everything for your convenience. Back > Product sourcing:  Just Perfect Pieces is proud to say that if you can't find what you are looking for in the shop, , we will gladly try our best to source the product and order them in for you. Back > Very Important People:  At Just Perfect Pieces we have a system that is called V.I.P. You can reach this level by working your way up gradually to a selected amount. Once you have completed that you will be rewarded a FREE gift, and $10 off your next purchase. This then puts you in a V.I.P system which benefits you for birthday vouchers, discount off the whole store, and invites to celebrations when they are on.  Back >