Your style, Your home, Our pieces  HOORAY! Just Perfect Pieces has a news page. This is where you come to see all our exciting news and updates. We have combined the shop news, design news and landscape news all on one page for you, so it is easier to access. Just click the links below to find out information about all the news and achievements.         FABRICS TO LAST           HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US  FRACTILES                         BLOOM IN THE GARDEN                 AWARD WINNING DESIGNS                 HOLIDAY FEVER                             Fabric’s to last and environmental treatments to decrease the risk of marks. Many of us find that the residential materials that we use for our upholstery do not have the life expectancy we have for them. This is especially the case if you have purchased an expensive item such as a lounge and find it marking or pulling as your busy family utilizes it. In these cases, you might find that you would be better choosing a commercial grade material. Such a case is the fabrics from the Green Living collection which Olsen Designs is using in a new Hervey Bay medical room for patient seats. In this case, patients use these seats over three days a week so it is not a high traffic area. To make sure that the seats stay fresh and provide a lower maintenance, the client has chosen fabrics from this well known range. You can visit some of the environmental fabric choices at Their carbon footprint is minimal. You will also find Information about Greenseal fabric treatment on the same website. If you would like more information about the fabrics and seek to have fabric samples sourced for you, Contact Sandy at Olsen Designs, shop 12, 53 Torquay Road, Pialba.       BACK > Fractiles – create a sculptured wall for an indoor or exterior feature. Fractiles are a three dimensional tile that attach to smooth to semi-textured walls. They are not difficult to attach for the DYI individual. There are six individual tiles with some having mirror images. Place them out on the floor to make your pattern, or you can ask Sandy from Olsen Designs to design the pattern for you. They are available from Just Perfect Pieces in Pialba, or you can order them on-line. If you do not feel comfortable doing the project yourself, ask Eric from Olsen Designs Landscaping to take the work off your hands.    BACK > Award winning designs three years in a row. Each of winning entries for the last three years in the Maryborough Heritage Building Awards have had designs and/or landscaping construction from Olsen Designs interior and landscape services. Congratulations to Kate and Max. Their transformation of a small single story cottage to a contemporary two story home caught the judges’ attention.  Linda and Mel renovated a run-down Queenslander in Tinana, part of our Fraser Coast, south of Maryborough. They used the skills of Sandy from Olsen Designs to select their product and final colour selection. Having these selections early; Mel and Linda found those disagreements that can arise when renovating or building rarely became an issue. The final product is stunning. Jack and Leslie wanted a piece of English country side in their front garden. With only a small area for the garden, Sandy designed a flavour of the best of formal English gardens with a cottage garden hint for one side. Using water saving principle for the landscape design made a garden for Leslie to enjoy without a lot of manual work. The final construction of the garden enhanced the appeal of the home.  Even on the beach end of Hervey Bay, it is possible to bring the hint of gardens from abroad.    BACK >  Happy Birthday to Us. Just Perfect Pieces has just celebrated its sixth birthday. Thank you to all of the customers who have spent their time with us. We look forward to many more years working with you to select the best for your home or gifts for a loved one.    BACK > Bloom in the garden. Just Perfect Pieces has a new product for that unusual garden arriving soon. They are a set of seven glass reeds and bulbs one metre high. They can sit among your foliage to provide both a beautiful and yet unusual effect. For that landscape with a difference, ask about bloom and the solar glass version of a garden ornament arriving soon.    BACK > Holiday fever : Making some changes for the party season can bring a fresh interest in entertaining and enjoying your own home. Changing one or two colours, either inside or out of the home can stimulate the senses. This is the same for the garden. A new feature plant, piece of furniture or an entire renovation, make the garden more enjoyable in the warmer weather. Introduce a new cushion, or décor item to give the rest of the items a new energy. If you are not sure how to decorate your indoor or outdoor room, you can seek in-store help from staff at Just Perfect Pieces. You are welcome to bring in an image of the area that needs attention and the staff will assist you with selecting the perfect pieces for your home. If you more assistance, your may find a make-over using Sandy’s designs and decoration skills is more suited to your need.    BACK >