Design & Decoration Classes  An information class covering: · the basics of landscape design · types and styles of gardens · creating garden rooms · dealing with problems areas ·     information required to design your garden · Colour specification for interior and exterior including products as well as paint colours ·     Product selection –i.e. Laminex. Flooring,       window treatments, tiles, bench tops, roofs · Selections specific to your existing home wares and feature items · Making and using a colour board · Understanding building plans and elevations · Making the home work for you · Lighting selection and placement · Furniture placement in the new space · Keeping costs within budget Workshops  Garden, Decoration, Florals 2 Hours  $30 per session Class times I An information class with “hands-on” time: · the basic “rules” of decoration · working with colour · colour coordination for your home · beginner tricks of the trade   An information class with “hands-on” time: · utilising styles and tastes · identifying your style and taste · sorting wants verses needs · tricks of the trade  expanded Garden Design    90 minutes - $75 Class times Colour Selection for Renovation & Building  2 Hours - $ 100 Class times Design  for Renovation & Building 2 Hours - $ 100 Class times Decoration Basics   2 Hours - $30 Class times Decoration For your Home   2 Hours - $30 Class times   Decoration For Your Style   2 Hours - $30 Class times · creating a decoration board · Using elevatvations to “picture” the final decor · plans for the whole home vs. room by room . planning for challenges & usefull strategies · Creating a home within your house · Your ideas against the reality of your home · Recycling your existing items to suit change · planning in stages to suit the budget Decoration Boards  – 2 Hours - $30  Class times Faux Flora & Foliage in Decoration   – 2 Hours - $30 per session Class times A task based session with an aim to provide  skills in creating floral decoration pieces.   Starting at beginner level through to  arrangements designed for  specific decors   and events. Informal workshops with an instructor on hand to provide an environment where you can work to finalise the design you want for your home. Work at your own pace and attend as many workshops as you need. Contact Us: email Phone